AVA Student NG


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A very simple and fuctional student harness, that comes with an integrated new generation light weight foam protector, which aims to put an end to the heavy and voluminous back protectors.

The new design of the the rescue container grants an easy handling and  quick deployment of the rescue parachute.

The high quality materials we use in the construction of the harness, cater to your every need regarding safety, comfort and durability.

The easy strap-on system makes it easier for the beginner pilot to check if he is well strapped into its harness, and the easy to use and lock protected carabineers, the only thing the student has to worry is if he attached the wing backwards or not. Good luck on that!

Weight : 3.2 kg

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XS 150-157 cm, S 158-165 cm, M 166-172 cm, L 173-180 cm, XL 181-189 cm, XXL 190-200 cm


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